Shaping the perfect ornamental tree

Four Fun Tree-Centric Activities to Do with Children

Want your children to love and respect the trees in your yard and by extension the trees throughout the rest of the world? Then consider getting them excited about trees by doing some tree-centric activities. Here are four spots of tree-based fun that will excite your little ones:

1. Make tree faces

You may have seen trees with eyes, noses and mouths attached to their trunks, but did you know that you can make your own tree faces? Find some thick mud and some string, plants, leaves, twigs, moss and other decorative elements. Then, scoop the mud onto the tree's bark in the shape of your desired face. Before the mud dries, decorate it.

Have some fun and turn a nest into a hat or some moss into hair. To give your kid the whole nature-based experience, spend a few days hunting for your decorative accessories in the woods or natural areas around your home.

2. Make a pie or other treat

If you have a fruit tree, invite your child to help you harvest the fruit and make it into a pie. If you do not have a fruit tree, there still may be other things that you can do. The berries and nettles on many pine trees, for example, can be used to make tea or other drinks.  

3. Build an old fashioned tree swing

If your kid is more into action than crafting, make a tree swing for them. You only need a thick, sturdy rope and a seat to use as the swing. To create a simple swing, drill a hole into a square shape of wood, pull the rope through the hole and knot it on the bottom. Then swing the rope over a high branch and knot it securely in place.

If you are not sure if your branches can handle the weight, have an arborist look at your tree to make sure they are strong enough. As your kid swings under the branches of your tree, he or she is sure to become a lifelong lover of trees.

4. Create a reading nook

Like a swing, reading nooks can be created easily with a piece of wood. Find a spot in the tree where you child can easily climb to. Then, install a small seat for them. Hidden among the branches, your child can now read, draw, play handheld video games or just watch the world go by.

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