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Tree Removal: Signs You Need These Services Posthaste

If you have adequate space in your yard, chances are you have trees to provide shade during the sweltering months. However, although trees have an extensive lifespan, this does not mean that they cannot become compromised over time. As a tree ages, it can begin to lose its strength, which will inevitably affect is structural stability. Hanging on to a tree with declining health not only puts your property at risk of damage but it can also cause physical injuries to anyone in close proximity. If you have trees on your property, it would be prudent to know the signs that would indicate you require tree removal services posthaste.

Sign 1: Your tree has started leaning

Granted, it is not uncommon to find some trees that will lean to a particular side. This largely happens if they are receiving abundant sunshine on one side so the tree will naturally lean to the sunlight. However, if your tree has been considerably upright over the years and then you finally notice that it has started leaning to one side, then you could have a problem on your hands.

A leaning tree can be caused by broken roots, which means that the tree is not being anchored adequately in the ground. Leaving the tree to continue leaning puts it at risk of falling over on your property on its own. If you notice any slight misalignment of your tree, you should call an arborist to determine if the tree needs to be felled.

Sign 2: Your tree's roots are showing signs of damage

The root system of your tree is one of the crucial indicators of the overall health of your tree. If the root system is compromised, it would only be a matter of time until the entire tree becomes a potential hazard to your property. There are a number of reasons why the root system could acquire damage. For instance, if you have been embarking on landscaping on your property, the excavation of your land could have caused damage to the root system.

Another reason why the tree's root system could be compromised is if it has developed decay. The rot will eventually spread and affect the entire tree. In some cases, you may find that the root system can be salvaged. This is especially true if the damage is not extensive. Nevertheless, any visible damage to your tree's root system should warrant a call to a tree removal specialist.