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Simple Steps to Maintaining Native Trees Around Your Home

When you live in a home where native trees act as the cornerstone of your garden's beauty, it's your job to maintain them. While some are hardy and will thrive under tough conditions, others need extra attention. Fortunately, there are simple steps you can take to maintain the native flora surrounding your home.

Check before buying into myths about watering 

Contrary to popular belief, most of Australia's native trees thrive in a Mediterranean-like environment. As such, you need to ignore any myths suggesting you can leave them with little water. If you're yet to plant a tree, consider those that withstand the winter rainfall in your area, as they're often easier to care for.

When it comes to watering your tree, create a drip irrigation system and soak it heavily two-to-three times during the summer. In doing so, you'll provide enough water to help most varieties thrive.

If you live in an area prone to bushfires, create a base featuring pebbles

Like most plants, your native trees won't withstand the perils of a roaring bushfire. They also require plenty of organic mulch, so when you add it, consider creating a base featuring pebbles or river rocks. As stone doesn't conduct heat as quickly as grass and wood, it'll provide some protection against potential fires. In addition to making it less likely that your tree will set alight, this process also buys you extra time when surrounding areas encounter blazes.

Adapt your fertilising technique according to the tree surrounding the soil

Many native trees will thrive in different types of soil, but certain settings should prompt you to make some environmental changes. For example, if the tree is growing in clay soil, you'll need some mulch but not a large amount. In contrast, sand doesn't hold nutrients very well, which means you'll need to add large volumes of organic mulch to help it along. In addition to providing your tree with nutrients, mulching helps it to absorb and hold water. If you do choose to create a drip irrigation system, adding the right amount of mulch to the tree's base will ensure your efforts go a long way.

Whether you're growing a native tree or you're moving into a property with one that's already there, making a few small steps towards caring for them is essential. With a little effort, you'll encourage your trees to thrive and enjoy a garden that possesses plenty of natural beauty.