Shaping the perfect ornamental tree

Tree Care: Everything You Need to Know About Tree Pruning

As a homeowner, you need to keep your environment beautiful and clean at all times. How you take care of your trees determines their strength, shape and length of life. It serves many benefits including adding aesthetic values to your home. One way of doing so is to ensure you hire a company to prune your trees. 

Types of Tree Pruning

While some homeowners view tree pruning as tedious, tree service companies can make your work easier and prune your trees for you. Tree pruning options include the following. 

Dead Pruning

This involves removing dead, diseased or dying branches. Also called crown cleaning, it helps to improve the overall aesthetic of the three. It minimizes the risk of sick branches from spreading the disease to other healthy trees.

Crown Lifting

This involves a lessening of the height of the tree or removing the mass of the larger branches. It is better for younger trees than more mature ones. For older trees, it is better to remove the entire limb rather than to reduce it.  It focuses on removing the terminal branches and preserving the main limb. You need a professional for this service. 

Crown Thinning

Crown thinning involves the removal of weak branches to open up the canopy. It enhances the penetration of light and air into the tree. It lightens the branches through the removal of defected branches. 


This technique involves removing all the branches and only keeping a framework of the secondary branches of the main stem. It starts when the tree is still young and done at regular intervals during the tree's lifespan. 

Benefits of Tree Trimming

So what are the benefits of tree trimming to your trees? Tree trimming has the following benefits. 

Improve the Trees' Overall Health

While a large tree can be beautiful to look at, it cannot absorb all the essential nutrients from the soil. Lack of enough nutrients affects the overall health of the tree. Change this by cutting off some large branches and allowing it to maximize the nutrients. 

Exposure to Sunlight

Photosynthesis depends on the amount of sun that reaches the leaves. If your tree has many leaves, some of them cannot absorb sunlight, which will diminish the process. Trimming the unnecessary branches will enable the tree to get access to sunlight and increase the amount of photosynthesis. 

Counterbalancing Root Loss

Trimming trees allows you to accommodate root loss. It also helps shape the trees which will help you have the tree as you envision it. 

Detect Diseases Before They Advance

Pruning will help you detect any diseases in time. You can then cut them off and prevent the disease from spreading and report the situation to a specialist. 

Minimize Damage

Trees growing close to a pool, house, garage or electrical wires can pose a danger to your home and neighbouring properties. Pruning regularly will reduce the chances of accidents.

Hire a professional to prune your trees to improve their overall health and aesthetic.  

For more information on tree pruning, reach out to a tree care facility near you.