Shaping the perfect ornamental tree

3 Types of Tree Service You Can Get From Professionals

Trees have numerous benefits to the environment that include cleaning the air, cooling down the temperatures, and even modifying the local climate. However, you have to take excellent care of them if you want them to serve you for many years. Personal tree care is simple and includes watering, nourishing, and pruning. However, as the trees get taller and older, you might find it necessary to hire an expert for tree care. Here are four types of tree services you should expect to receive from a tree care expert. 

Trimming and Pruning

Trimming and pruning are two services that you can get from professional tree care experts. Most people believe that pruning is as simple as choosing branches and shoots to cut off. However, there is an art to the process. The goal of the process should always be to get rid of the old and dead branches. Once you remove the older ones, the tree will naturally sprout new and healthy ones. Regular pruning can also help shape the tree to grow to the size, orientation, and shape you want. 

Tree Removal

Even with the best care and maintenance, a time may come when your tree will get old, sick or damaged and need removal. You can have your tree removed if a majority of the branches got damaged during a storm. You can also remove a tree whose root system is weak. Removal will also be necessary when the tree is old and dry and at risk of falling onto your property or a neighbour's. Finally, consider removal if the tree is in the way of infrastructure such as power lines, sewer pipes and even building foundations. Only professionals should handle it because the task is safer when handled by experts. 

Tree Lopping

Many people confuse tree lopping with pruning. However, lopping is different, and the professionals do it for a different outcome. Tree pruning improves the overall tree health. On the other hand, lopping reduces the size of the tree. The tree care expert assesses the tree to determine which branches to remove to shape the tree. Only allow a professional to handle lopping because they will know how to avoid harming the tree. 

The key is choosing a competent tree care expert to assess your tree's condition and determine the ideal way to service it. A well-managed and maintained tree stays healthy, beautiful and in excellent shape throughout its lifetime.