Why You Should Always Get Rid of Weeds at the Base of Any Trees

If you have trees in your expansive backyard, you know they bring a certain amount of presence or even majesty to the environment. They may protect you from the prevailing wind or shade your house from that hot Australian sun so that you can save some money on your energy bills. These are just some of the benefits of mature trees, and you need to do your best to look after them.

Why You Need to Conduct Regular Tree Inspections

If you've just taken ownership of a new home that sits within a large plot of land, you will want to ensure that the outside area looks just as good as your new house. As you may well have many mature trees within this plot, you'll certainly want to ensure that they not only look good but are at the peak of health as well. So, in this case, you need to become familiar with their general appearance and, specifically, what they may look like should something go wrong.