4 Ways To Remove A Tree Stump

A tree stump in the middle of your garden can really limit how you use your outdoor space and it doesn't make the most attractive feature. It typically takes a bit of hard work to remove a tree stump, but it can be done. Here's an overview of four stump removal techniques: Dig It If the stump is from a young tree with a relatively tame root system you can dig it out. [Read More]

Tree Felling In Bushfire Prone Areas In NSW

The new 10/50 laws in NSW have given homeowners more freedom to fell trees and clear vegetation around their homes to protect against bushfire encroachment, without needing to seek approval for the tree felling. The 10 metres applies from the edge of external walls to the habitable structures (so does not apply to sheds or storage structures). Here is a guide on how to use the 10/50 regulations to clear the areas around your home. [Read More]

Four Fun Tree-Centric Activities to Do with Children

Want your children to love and respect the trees in your yard and by extension the trees throughout the rest of the world? Then consider getting them excited about trees by doing some tree-centric activities. Here are four spots of tree-based fun that will excite your little ones: 1. Make tree faces You may have seen trees with eyes, noses and mouths attached to their trunks, but did you know that you can make your own tree faces? [Read More]

How Different Types of Preservative are Used to Treat Pine

Timber is a widely accepted product used throughout the building industry. It's environmentally friendly and is harvested from sustainably-managed forests. However, in its natural state once harvested it will be subject to degradation. This is why any timber used in outdoor environments is treated to survive attack from weathering, insects or fungal infestation. What types of treatment are used and for what final applications? Three Categories of Preservative Treated pine is injected with special chemical solutions to guard against insects and fungi. [Read More]